How to get places

If you grew up in London, this part is easy. The MRT is like the tube…. except it’s clean, safe and on time. If you grew up in the USA, life without a car will take some getting used to. While the MRT trains are really good, they are supplemented by an excellent bus system.

There are MANY great apps for routing you between A and B. Because Singapore is small, the routes will mostly take less than an hour. Google Maps has updated it’s public transport options on its mobile app, and honestly, that’s all you need.

Most rides will cost less than $1.50 Singaporean, which is really cheap. Even the airport is accessible if you are on the East-West (green) line. For those who have urgent needs, Uber and its competitors are available. Most non-surge rates are between 6-14 Singaporean dollars.

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